DEBT Fund Raising

Working Capital

It Is capital of a business which is used in its day-to-day trading operations, and based on current assets & current liabilities of the business. It is a measure of both a company's efficiency and its short-term financial health.

Term Loan

Asset based mid to long term (usually for one to five years) loan payable in a fixed number of equal installments over the term of the loan. Term loans are generally provided for capital expenditure or assets of the business which has a long term benefit.

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD)

Lease Rental Discounting enables you to encash your current rental cash flows and avail long term loan facility. The funds may be used for Business Expansion, Business Capital Requirements or Consolidating Obligations.

Foreign Currency Loan

Foreign currency loan refers to the loan granted by the bank through the self-raising foreign currency fund, including five types of foreign currency USD, EUR or any other globally recognised currency via off shore network. This loan has lower interest parity and is preferable for exports or importers, being natural currency hedge advantage.

Loan against property (LAP)

The main focus of this product is to provide loan to property purchasers to raise funds to buy any property. It also provides loan to existing property owners to raise funds for any purpose while putting a lien on the property being mortgaged.

Construction Finance

It is a working capital loan where the proceeds are used for financing construction activities of a real estate project with various flexible principal drawdown / repayment arrangements and interest reserves.

Refinancing / Cash Out Loan

This loan facility provides higher & / or cheaper new loan amount than the existing loan and this amount is used to finance business needs or cash out by promoters.

Structured Finance

Structured finance is a financial instrument offered to business which have complex financing needs that doesn’t match with conventional financial products. Structured Finance is a kind of arrangement that the lender has created and adapted to fit the needs and the circumstances of the borrower. Typically such instruments are high yield, Subordinated Debt or preferred stock which is senior only to the company shareholders

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